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Rita Ora Drops “Only Want You” Single and Video with 6LACK

Rita Ora ressurects a brand new single from her 2018 sophomore album ‘Phoenix.’ The sixth track on the album “Only Want You” gets a remix by rapper 6LACK in this new release.

Rita Ora identifies this music video as a ‘mini movie’ as it does try to narrate an elaborate story in its 4 minutes and 26-seconds.

“The #ONLYWANTYOU video is out now!! So amazing to make this vision come to life in such a beautiful way, whos your favorite character in our mini movie??? 💛💛💛,” Tweeted Rita Ora on the day of the video release, with some classy snaps from the shoot.

The “Only Want You” music video, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, shows the life of Rita Ora and in its mess seeking for the love and affection of one person she wants to be with. Ms Ora shows facades of her celebrity life, the constant chase by the paparazzi and how she wants to lead an ordinary life away from the spotlight as well.

Watch the video below.

In 6LACK’s verse, he fills in for the guy and admits her love for him. As long as Rita is satisfied with who he is, 6LACK sings that he will take care of her. And he promises that “it’s gon’ stay that way.”

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