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Bizarre’s “Love Tap” Responds to Joe Budden and Jay Electronica Disses

A season of diss raps has begun with Eminem releasing his latest album ‘Kamikaze‘ that took shots at a lot of artists in the industry. The two most notable victims of ‘Kamikaze’ attack were Joe Budden and Machine Gun Kelly. Both of them have responded to Eminem in their own ways. Joe Budden got on an hour-long podcast to discuss his feelings about “Fall” and MGK releases “Rap Devil” in response to Em’s “Not Alike.”

Bizarre joins in on the Eminem-MGK-Joe Budden diss triangle after being called out by Joe Budden on his podcast on Eminem. In the podcast, Joe speaks how Bizarre is out-of-date and should be retired. Jay Electronica publicly bashed Eminem for claiming Diddy put a hit on Tupac Shakur on “KILLSHOT.” Bizarre jumps in the hot water to aid Eminem in this all out war in “Love Tap.”

On top of the hard-hitting lyrics on the diss, “Love Tap” even interpolates “Pump It Up” by Joe Budden. For the most part of the video, Bizarre is topless, looking quite threatening with his massive figure.

Listen to “Love Tap” Diss by Bizarre

Some notable lines from “Love Tap” are as follows;

“Man I’m out, are you a man or mouse?”

The above line is a direct reference to Joe Budden’s track “Slaughtermouse” after breaking away from the super rap group Slaughterhouse, signed by Eminem. Bizarre plays on common sense that mice are known to be meek and timid animals.

In the bridge of the song, Bizarre questions why anybody is attacking Eminem. He also goes on to imply that rappers today sound like female R&B singers (referencing to singer Monica). This is a possible hint at the “let’s talk about it” hook from MGK’s “Rap Devil.”

Bizarre then directly questions who Jay Electronica is. Jay Electronica released a mixtape back in 2007 and has not worked on any albums ever since. Bizarre implies that nobody remembers who Jay Electronica is and he should just stay in the shadows like he has done all this time.

The second verse of “Love Tap” starts off with a voice cut from Joe Budden’s podcast which fueled this diss song by Bizarre.

“Don’t tell me on your album how much you love D12
When I look at Bizarre, he don’t look like he’s doing very well”

Bizarre takes a couple more shots at Joe Budden speaking about his lies on his sobriety and challenging him to visit Detroit. Bizarre is seen wearing a ‘Detroit Vs Everybody‘ hoodie in this music video.

Drop your thoughts on “Love Tap” and the ongoing feuds in the industry right now in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Love Tap” by Bizarre


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