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Watch Camila Cabello Take a Stroll Through Memory Lane in “Consequences” Music Video (Review)

We had high expectations for the new music video for “Consequences” by Camila Cabello and she has delivered. She premiered the new stripped down version of “Consequences” two days ago, calling it an ‘orchestra.’ Needless to say, the song is a gorgeous work of art and the music video just rises to the spot.

The music video is directed by Dave Meyers and produced by Freenjoy. The video shows Camila Cabello taking a stroll through a park at dusk, singing and reminiscing of the good times and the bad times of her relationship. Silhouettes of Camila and her ex-boyfriend appear on the screen doing the cutest things at first and those turn into fights and arguments as the song progresses. The song lyrics match perfectly to the scenes unfolding in the video.

Watch “Consequences” Orchestra Music Video

Camila drops in and out of reality as she thinks back to her relationship. It is quite obvious that she does not hate this guy for betraying her love. Although, the relationship had left a foul taste in her.

The production of this music video is very impressive, using a lot of cinematography and CGI. This music video befits a Disney movie, just as the song lyrics do.

Camila Cabello also performed “Consequences” live on American Music Awards (AMAs) 2018 on Tuesday night. This performance was complete with a full-on orchestra, to justify the title of the song. Watch the moving live act below.

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