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Watch Lady Gaga Perform a Jazz Version of “Paparazzi” Live at ENIGMA Las Vegas

Lady Gaga has been performing some solid tracks on her latest residency concert series ‘ENIGMA’ in Las Vegas. The Mother Monster seems to be pulling all the good stops from her musical career, even as far as her first ever studio album. Lady Gaga released her debut studio album ‘The Fame’ in 2008 and it was an instant hit. Songs such as “Just Dance,” “Poker Face,” “The Fame” and “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich’ were some iconic tracks still alive to-date. “Paparazzi” is the fifth and final single off of the album and is an upbeat dance track. However, reviving the song in 2019, Lady Gaga flipped the tune around completely.

Lady Gaga has been performing her Las Vegas Residency tour-Enigma since December 2018 and would continue until November 9, 2019. You can still reserve tickets for the show at the Park Theater in Vegas on Ticketmaster. The show has an impressive setlist spanning from ‘The Fame’ album to her final album ‘Joanne’ in 2016. We have already seen her bring down Bradley Cooper for their soulful single “Shallow” from the movie ‘A Star Is Born.’

Lady Gaga seems to have a few more tricks up her sleeve than just to rehash her old hits. For an example; this live performance of “Paparazzi” is a Jazz rendition. Lady Gaga even dressed for the song in jet-red gown and black gloves. She played the piano while the musicians provided her the soulful and instrument-heavy Jazz music.

“It’s legal to stalk people,” Lady Gaga spoke to the audience as she sat down at the piano. “I’m serious, it’s legal for people to follow me wherever I go, and do what they wish. So, in honour of the paparazzi, we have an interesting, progressive Jazz evil take on it.”

And she really did continue to deliver a sinister-looking performane of her hit single. Watch the video below.

“Paparazzi” is a song about an obsessive person taking stalking to a whole new level. However, Lady Gaga identifies this stalker as a ‘fan’ and not media personnel. In the stalker’s words “I’m your biggest fan, and I’ll follow you until you love me…” Quite creepy! Lady Gaga is probably one of the very few who flipped the coin on paparazzi and made money and fame off of them.

What do you think about this Jazz and evil version of “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga on ENIGMA tour? Leave a comment below.

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