Lana Del Rey is a Supermassive Giant in “Doin’ Time” Video

Lana Del Rey is back to her white Summer dresses in the brand new music video for “Doin’ Time” released on August 29, 2019. However, this time, Lana is a larger-than-life human returning to save her normal human self.

“Doin’ Time” is a track from Lana Del Rey’s brand new album ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’ released on August 30, 2019. The song is a cover of the band Sublime’s song of the same name from 1996. Lana first teased a snippet of the song on social media on May 7.

The music video, directed by Rich Lee, shows Lana Del Rey in two versions. In one reality, Lana is a supermassive giant strolling the streets, seemingly aimlessly. In another version of the reality, Lana is on a date with a guy at a drive-in movie screening. Later we realize that the movie being screened is of the giant Lana and she steps out of the screen to support her real-self who gets ditched by the guy to hook up with another.

The song lyrics give ado to the original creators of the song of Sublime band. The chorus sings of a Bradley and Ras MG who are members of the band Sublime. L.B.C is an acronym for Long Beach, California, where Sublime band was based in.

Watch the video below.

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