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Listen to Taylor Swift’s ‘City of Lover’ Live Setlist from Paris

Much like every other artist in the world, Taylor Swift and her live concert plans have crumbled down due to the ongoing Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Taylor Swift had plans to launch her 2020 live concert series following the release of her seventh studio album ‘Lover‘ in August 2019. However, the superstar decided to give a little treat to all her quarantined fans across the globe by releasing one of her live performances from Paris last year. The concert is titled ‘Taylor Swift City of Lover Concert’ and aired on ABC on May 17, 2020.

‘City of Lover’ concert was held in Paris’ L’Olympia in late 2019. Taylor Swift had never played these tracks from ‘Lover’ album live before. And it was a special performance for Taylor as well as the fans in attendance.

As usual, Taylor Swift added variety to her live performances from repeating the same in the studio album. She stripped down some tracks to a mere acoustic act with either a piano or a guitar, and some songs she changed the entire rhythm. She also gave small footnotes for the songs on what they mean to her and how they came to be. These littl touches add massive value to each and every song.

“Cornelia Street” (Live from Paris)

“Lover” (Live from Paris)

“You Need to Calm Down” (Live from Paris)

“ME!” (Live from Paris)

“Daylight” (Live from Paris)

“The Archer” (Live from Paris)

“Death By a Thousand Cuts” (Live from Paris)

“The Man” (Live from Paris)

The deafening screams at the start and end of each song are proof that Taylor Swift delivered her 100% that night live in Paris.

Stay tuned for the full concert video…

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