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Little Mix – Happiness | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Happiness” is the fourth single off of Little Mix’s upcoming 2020 album ‘Confetti.’ The song talks about the discovery of happiness within yourself rather than things/people around you.

“Happiness” released on October 16, 2020, following the singles “Breakup Song,” “Holiday,” and “Not a Pop Song,” all released in 2020. Little Mix’s sixth studio album ‘Confetti‘ is expected to release in November 2020.

Little Mix sings about the process of finding happiness and love within themselves. The process itself is painful as they look for happiness outside of them which exposes them to definite pain. However, once you realize that peace and happiness can be found within yourself, nothing external can hurt you.

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“Happiness” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Jesy and Perrie sing about being heartbroken by people around them, especially their partners. This was not even a one-time incident. It just keeps on happening everytime they open up to somebody.

But ever since they realized that they always have themselves no matter how bad the situations get, they feel ever so confident and happy.


In the chorus, Jade and Perrie sing about how they tried to find happiness in the people they loved. But this always proved to be temporary. And in the end, all these people leave them more hurt and unhappy than ever.

However, these heartaches sent the Little Mix girls on a journey of self-discovery. And in this journey, they found out that the best person who can keep them happy permanently is only found within them. But you have to love this person first, and they will love you back indefinitely and unconditionally.

Finding peace within yourself does not mean a permanent bliss of happiness away from the painful reality of the world. But it will guarantee that you will fall onto a softer cushion rather than on a concrete floor. This means that the recovery will be easier and quicker.

Verse 2

Leigh-Anne and Jade perform the second verse of the song. The ladies sing how several heartbreaks lead them to find themselves and learning to love that person. Letting go of their significant others does not necessarily mean that they don’t need the love of their potential partners. But it does mean that the girls learned not to pin their happiness and self-worth on someone else.

The Little Mix girls are returning back to the person who had their back from day one on this planet-themselves.

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