black lives matter

Black Lives Matter

In solidarity! Find out more at Black Lives Matter official website.

barlito times we had

Barlito – Times We Had | Original vs AutoTune

Getting a song to go viral is the dream of every new artist out there. However,…

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top YouTube downloaders compared

The Best YouTube Music Review Channels You Should Subscribe to in 2020

Did you know that in the United States, YouTube will make 5.5 billion in advertising dollars…

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taylor swift kanye west famous phone conversation leak

Listen to Full Leaked Call Between Taylor Swift & Kanye West on the “Famous” Lyrics

Taylor Swift and Kanye West have been feuding with each other ever since we can remember.…

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cardi b coronaviruschallenge

Cardi B’s COVID19 Message Turns into a Viral #CoronaVirusChallenge

Leave it to Cardi B to bring some laughter and joy for these dreaded times. As…

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billie eilish strips live body-shaming

Billie Eilish Strips Live on Stage to Protest Body-shaming!

The 5-time 2020 Grammy winner, Billi Eilish made a strong statement about body-shaming during her last…

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ecosia review

Ecosia Review: Why it is time to change your search engine from Google to Ecosia

We take a little breather from our usual music discussions to direct your attention towards a…

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adele new album in september 2020

Adele Spills “New Album in September” 2020 at a Friend’s Wedding

Make way 2020, Adele is on her way!!! It is unclear if Adele wanted this information…

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outdoor music festival

Here Are Great Tips for Organizing an Outdoor Music Festival

Organizing a music festival may complement business and brand promotions that will please the crowd. If…

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year in lyrics 2019

The 2019 Year in Lyrics: Top Artists, Songs & Albums

At the closure of each year, it is traditional to look at the next year. But…

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