katy perry swish swish live the voice australia

Watch Katy Perry Perform “Swish Swish” Live Inside a Giant BB Net

Katy Perry went on The Voice Australia to perform her latest hit single “Swish Swish” live…

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katy perry Bon Appétit music video nsfw

Katy Perry Gets Cooked Up Into a Delicious Dish in “Bon Appétit” Video (Review)

“Chained to the Rhythm” star this time gets cooked into a delicious looking meal and now…

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katy perry chained to the rhythm music video review

Katy Perry Premiers “Chained To The Rhythm” Music Video (Review)

No matter how different it seems from one another, we are all stuck in a wheel…

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katy perry chained to the rhythm lyrics video new single

Watch Lyric Video for “Chained To The Rhythm” by Katy Perry (Lyrics Review)

Katy Perry has returned to music with this new track titled “Chained To The Rhythm” collaborating…

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katy perry rise music video teaser clip

Watch a Snippet of “Rise” Music Video by Katy Perry

Olympic 2016 is around the corner and a few artists got busy creating their own musical…

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katy perry rise music video olympics 2016

Katy Perry Premiers “Rise” Music Video for 2016 Olympics

2016 Olympics-the biggest music festival in the world-is just around the corner and athletes as well…

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28th Kids Choice Awards 2015 nominees list

Sam Smith, Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Among Kids Choice Awards 2015 Nominees

2015 Kids Choice Awards is around the corner and the organizers, The Nickelodeon has announced the…

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Katy Perry calls Taylor Swift a sweetheart

Katy Perry Calls Taylor Swift a ‘Sweetheart’ in New Interview

Just as when we were beginning to think the feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift…

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katy perry diss taylor swift during super bowl halftime performance

Did Katy Perry Diss Taylor Swift During Super Bowl Halftime Performance?

Did Katy Perry did Taylor Swift with her Super Bowl XLIX performance? A very many blogs…

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best songs by missy elliot

Miss Missy Elliot? Listen to These Top 10 Songs by Her

Super Bowl XLIX concluded with a sudden flash of memories as Missy Elliot performed three songs…

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