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Taylor Swift Announces “Call It What You Want” New Single Releasing Today

Just eight days before the release of the much anticipated sixth studio album ‘Reputation’ by Taylor Swift, she has announced the release of another single. The official third single of the album titled “Call It What You Want” will be the last single before the album release on Nov 10th. So while we eagerly await the dawn of that fateful Friday next week, we have plenty of material to keep us hyped about the new album.

Taylor has already released the smash hit “Look What You Made Me Do” which broke and set records. Then she released “…Ready For It” promotional single in line with a college football tournament. Just last week, Taylor released another single titled “Gorgeous” on which we found Taylor reeling back to her usual ‘hopeless romantic’ self. Yesterday, she also released a 10 minute long video of how “Gorgeous” was created.

Just a few hours ago, Taylor Swift announced the release of the new single “Call It What You Want” on her social media, with what seems like to be some of the lyrics from the song. It appeared to be a dialogue between two people than a verse.

Taylor Swift Announces “Call It What You Want” Single

“Call It What You Want” teaser poster from Facebook


Holding my breath
Slowly I said
“You don’t need to save me…

But would you run away with me?”

“Call It What You Want,” but this appears to be a very romantic song from Taylor Swift and something long overdue.

The conversation appears to be between two lovers who are in distraught.

She takes a deep breath in and tells her lover that she does not need to be saved. But if it comes to it, would he run away with her. To this he replies “yes.” This is all the context we have, but I am beginning to picture “Love Story” all over again.

The new single is scheduled to be released at midnight in Eastern time.

We think “Call It What You Want” will be a quite romantic and heartbreaking song from ‘Reputation.’ What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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