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Steve Aoki Collabs with BTS on “Waste It On Me” Single (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Steve Aoki shared his excitement to release this latest collaboration with the K-Pop supergroup BTS. The DJ maestro shared the news of the surprise collaboration on his Twitter handle on Oct 24. The song titled “Waste It On Me” is the first full song in English done by the Korean boy band. Already the fans are losing their heads over this new collaboration and this catchy tune.

“Waste It On Me” is a part of Steve Aoki’s upcoming studio album ‘Neon Future III,’ expected to release on November 09, 2018. Steve Aoki and RM of BTS have contributed to the lyrics of this song. And as per the news on the grapevine, there is a kickass music video in the making for this song.

The song finds Jungkook and RM of BTS singing about getting the girl no matter what it takes. They sing that even if the girl does not believe in love and thinks that love is a waste of time, they want her to waste her time on them.

The boy band BTS have gained a worldwide reputation with singles such as “IDOL” and “Fake Love.”

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RM from the boy band group goes onto perform a slower rap verse on the song as well. Their English skills are impeccable.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Waste It On Me”

Verse 1

Jungkook is confronting his lover in these lines. She says love is messy and difficult. She is so burnt by love before that she is not even ready to give love another go. Unfortunately for Jungkook, he is next in line for her heart.

Jungkook also reassures that he will not break her heart or leave her behind if they get together.


Jungkook and RM team up on these vocals. They know that there is no changing her mind about getting into a relationship. But they also don’t want to give up a possible future with this girl. So if she believes that love is nothing more than a waste of time, they gladly invite her to waste her time on them.

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These lyrics of “Waste It On Me” is a continuous repetition of BTS’s question of ‘why not’ for this girl.

Verse 2

Jungkook and RM know that she has been hurt before. But they ask her to let go of her worries and move on with new reassurances with them. BTS says that she doesn’t even have to confess her war stories of past, as long as she can look for a future with them.

Verse 3

RM becomes very persuasive in the third verse of this Steve Aoki collaboration.

RM continues to give reasons why they should be together. He says he will be her Summer-the season of warmth, love and joy. All her past relationships are being equated to Autumn and Winter.

RM asks her to treat her like a comma, yes an actual comma. What this means is that he does not want her to put a full stop to her love story. RM would like to continue from where she broke it all off. RM likes to continue her love story.

The singer also asks this girl to give their relationship a try. Just take a bite and see, RM invites the girl. He gets so bold as to say that if she does not like the taste of it, she can discard him away as well.

“Waste It On Me” is a very catchy and a fun tune by two of the biggest artsis on the planet. K-Pop might or might not be your cup of tea, but you definitely have to appreciate the musical talent on this song, especially the vocals by RM and Jungkook of BTS.

Drop down your thoughts on the song, lyrics and the vocals of this song by Steve Aoki and BTS. Was it your cup of tea?

Full Lyrics to “Waste It On Me” by Steve Aoki and BTS


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