21 savage all my friends ft post malone lyrics review song meaning

21 Savage – all my friends Ft. Post Malone (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

21 Savage’s latest album ‘i am > i was’ is something special. The second studio album by Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph AKA 21 Savage is more of an exploration of himself, his experiences and growth throughout the years. The album talks about 21’s internal struggles, his successes, failures, sex and even a tribute to his mother. In “all my friends” track 21 Savage gets assistance from Post Malone to perform the lyrics.

“all my friends” is the 7th track on ‘i am > i was‘ album released on December 21, 2018. It is also one of the few tracks consisting of a major featured artist, and Post Malone would be the perfect candidate for this track as both artists acquired wealth and fame quite recently. Also, Post and 21 have worked together previously on Post’s hit track “Rockstar,” which reigned Billboard Hot 100 chart for several weeks.

In “all my friends,” 21 and Post explore how they seem to lose ‘friends’ as they grow and acquire fame and fortune. Their idea is that real friends stay on no matter what, whereas the fake ones drop behind as they are heavy on envy.

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Post Malone takes over the chorus and the second verse of the song while 21 performs the first verse.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “all my friends”


In the chorus of “all my friends,” Post talks about how he lost friends over the few years that he has been in the spotlight. Malone’s success story in music does not date back beyond 2015 when he released his breakthrough track “White Iverson.” Since then, he has had major success with songs such as “Rockstar,” “Psycho” and “Better Now.” Over these 3 short years, Malone admits that he has lost quite a few ‘friends’ who were unable to cope with his fame and fortune. However, he also confesses that he does not really need friends like those, realizing that he is better off without fake friends.

Post brings up his love for Bentleys and also references his diamond-grilled teeth, once when they were all pink.

Post Malone showing his pink grilled teeth (Image credits: YouTube)
Verse 1

In the first verse of “all my friends,” 21 Savage talks about how he lost a few friends over the last two years. 21 gained major recognition after dropping his first solo studio album ‘Issa Album’ in 2017. The album peaked at #2 in the USA and must have made major bank for 21. He followed the album with an ‘Issa Tour,’ which also would have pocketed him some serious cash, but left him busy. Usually all successful artists follow the same path of losing friends over the years mainly due to their hectic schedules and lack of privacy out in the streets.

21 says he still has some friends who were there with him through thick and thin. “Bummy” is slang for a homeless person, which 21 admits he was at one point. However, now he raps that he has a 12-car garage. Why? Because he just bought 6 new cars on top of 6 he already possess.

According to YouTube, his car collection includes a Ferrari 488 GTB, a Bentley Bentayga, a Mercedes Maybach, an AUDI Q7, a Dodge Challenger SRT8, and Rolls Royce Wraith.

21 Savage showing a quarter of his luxury car collection (Image source: YouTube)

Savage also reminds that he has been through some real dark times, and even literal dark times, when they could not afford to pay the electricity bill.

Even Savage bears a similar opinion on losing friends as Post Malone. He really would not mind losing fake friends, because he is aware that fame and fortune will run out one day.

Interesting how 21 specifically mentions about trust in these lyrics. May be drawing out of personal experiences, trust is the most important thing in any friendship or relationship.

Verse 2

The second verse by Post Malone takes a similar theme to the first. In addition, the singer talks about how he made it on his own and nobody was there when he was praying for a meal for tomorrow. Post also sneaks in his relationship with ex-girlfriend Ashlen Diaz, mentioning that he spent over $80K on the girl just for her to leave him in the end.

Malone also references his luxury cars in the song-specifically the Rolls Royces. In September 2018, Post totalled his Rolls Royce Wraith and was reported to have bought a Rolls Royce Phantom costing $420K in the following month.

One message is clear in “all my friends” by 21 Savage and Post Malone. Superstardom has its perks and pitfalls. Losing friends, real or fake, is a tragedy that will haunt the superstars when they run out of fame and fortune. Many a celebrity have driven themselves to suicide and depression in their latter days.

What is your opinion on “all my friends” by 21 Savage and Post Malone? Do you have any opinions on these lyrics? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

Complete Lyrics to “all my friends” by 21 Savage and Post Malone

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