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Halsey Delivers a Stunning “Nightmare” Performance Live at The Armory

Halsey took on The Armory hall on May 20, 2019 to perform her latest single “Nightmare” live.

The 24-year-old LA-based singer was seen flaunting her new red/pink hair with a white tank top and black latex jeans to match the underlying context of her new single “Nightmare.” The song was released just a week before and has been a subject of discussion among the music fans since.

Halsey addresses some common issues females go through in modern society. Sexual harassment, inequality, discrimination, cat calling and many other areas are frowned upon, or rather highlighted in these lyrics.

Returning from her global success with “Without Me” single, Halsey is back to working on her upcoming third studio album expected in 2019. She had major success with her sophomore studio album ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ released in 2017 and its accompanying world tour.

Watch Halsey Perform “Nightmare” Live at The Armory

Just days after the song is released, it was amazing to see how the entire crowd sang or rather screamed along the lyrics with Halsey. The pillars of fire burning at the center stage added some dramatic effect to the already fiery single. The band stood within the fiery pillars. Halsey resorted to walking on the edge of the platform as she delivered an energetic live performance.

Halsey’s descent into Rock/Punk rock was clear with her last collaboration with YungBlud on “11 Minutes.

Let us hear what you think about this high-octane performance by Halsey and of the fans in attendance as well.

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