Conway The Machine – BANG Ft. Eminem (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Interscope Records and Shady Records signee Conway The Machine comes up with a fiery new track “Bang” featuring the record label owner Eminem himself.

“Bang” collaboration appears in Machine’s 2019 album ‘God Don’t Make Mistakes’ due in later this year. This song marks the first collaboration between the two artists.

In the song, Conway the Machine uses his verse as an introduction to himself. This song is one that would surely shed some light into this New York-based rapper. This is Conway’s debut studio album with Shady Records and the first single released from the album. Eminem, on the other spectrum of things, needs no introduction. Hence he settles into discussing some critical junctions of his life including beefs with Ja Rule and Canibus in his verse.

Listen to “Band” by Conway The Machine featuring Eminem

Conway the Machine expresses his opinions on love and life in the first verse of “Bang.” He says that he would rather cut his wrist than fall in love and he trusts nobody but himself. He also points out his expensive drinking habits with a reference to Armand de Brignac champagne which is also known as Ace of Spades. He also boasts about himself being a ‘machine’ when it comes to jotting and spitting lyrics. He believes that people will remember his name for a long time to come.

Eminem’s verse on “Bang” touches a much more deeper spot in Eminem’s career where he talks about a few feuds he had back in the day. To start off, Em talks about his cold way with rapper Canibus. This was during a time where Eminem used to go out and socialize. But the world started chewing at him, including Canibus and he started becoming the Slim Shady we know and love. The feud started off of a misunderstanding on who wrote the lyrics to LL Cool J’s diss track “The Rapper Strikes Back” written for Canibus. However, Eminem reached out to Canibus and cleared out the air. In these lyrics, Eminem admits that he was a fan of Canibus’s music.

Next, Em talks about his beef with Ja Rule, which in his opinion would have even cooled down in 2001 when they played pool together. The beef between them started in 1999. Em says that some times he thinks about the rap careers he buried including Canibus, Ja Rule, Benzino and more recently Machine Gun Kelly with “KILLSHOT.”

Eminem says that he does not mind being placed next to the greats of Marilyn Manson, Nas, Biggie or Tupac, but he hates that he is being even compared with the likes of Iggy Azalea and Milli Vanilli-a German RB duo. Why does Eminem prefer being compared to ‘Jaws’ the movie? Because the movie is about a massive Great White Shark known for a thirst for blood. Eminem is also the white rapper in a rap game dominated by the Blacks and has a massive appetite to end careers.

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