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Joyner Lucas – Revenge | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Joyner Lucas keeps on releasing singles off of his highly anticipated second studio album ‘ADHD.’ On to single number seven, the new track is titled “Revenge” and we see the rapper going on a rampage. Let us take a gander at the lyrics and song meaning.

The new single follows Joyner’s other singles from the album such as “ADHD,” “What If I Was Gay” featuring Eminem, “Devil’s Work,” “ISIS” featuring Logic, “10 Bands,” and “I Love.” The album is expected to release in March 2020.

In the new single and music video, we see Joyner Lucas getting betrayed by his coons after a heist and him taking revenge on each of them in the most epic ways possible. The rapper also drops some serious street knowledge throughout the track.

Watch Music Video for “Revenge” by Joyner Lucas


These lyrics shed some light into the circle of thought process in humans. It emphasizes the “more of” culture that we are all inflicted with. We want more of everything and it never ends. “The more that I want, the more that I grind,” sums up why we are all stuck in an endless loop. We will never be happy and we will never stop.

Verse 1

This “more of” culture can drip into one’s relationships as well. Cheating is a disease that needs to be nipped in the buds. But once you get the taste of it, comes the “more of” craving. This will undoubtedly lead to the relationship to fall apart.

Another disconnection in modern society is that everyone is quite harder to reach. The human touch and connection have been replaced with wireless and electronic connections. This has prevented us from being human and made us harder to human emotions such as love and empathy.

Joyner also talks about snitches in the game and calls them haters. In announcing his second studio album ‘ADHD,’ the rapper took to Twitter to send a message to his haters; “This project is my big F*CK YOU to any and everybody who never thought I wouldn’t make it this far.”


Joyner Lucas says that he is on a murder spree with his skills in the hip-hop game and his competition doesn’t even notice that he is rolling over all of them.

Verse 2

Joyner Lucas raps about the journey he has taken so far. It has not been a “cab ride” but rather an excruciating “walk.” In this journey, he had to forego many personal goals–mainly his family life. Through this journey, he never had many people around him to support him. But he had plenty of snakes to bite him when he was down. This surely would have taken a toll on his mental health.

He asks his haters if they are surprised by his achievements yet? Joyner’s revenge on them is rubbing off his success on their hater faces!

Verse 3

Joyner flips on the classic phrase “blacker the berry sweeter the juice,” which was used as an empowering statement during the Civil Rights Movement. It stands to mean that the African American community, too, serves a purpose in this world and they are not to be treated as less of human beings.

Joyner Lucas ends the track by saying that he became the prominent artist that he is today, all by himself. He worked hard at it and he helped his family out of poverty; “Mama quit her job, she won’t work again.”

Hidden beneath the idea of “Revenge,” is a story of motivation and inspiration. Let us hear what you think about this song in the comments below.

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  1. This guy was enlightened and is finding ways to tell you how it really is. You didn’t have to be a gang banger to relate. He’s using rap to serve his purpose to speak to people. I wish people knew how to comprehend and read in between lines like this article does. I love it…

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