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Leaked Photos Prove Taylor Swift’s “Getaway Car” Music Video is in the Making

Taylor Swift is rocking around the world performing in her massively successful ‘Reputation Tour’ as of now. She finished several concerts in Ireland, UK and is now returning to the USA for a few more concerts before moving the show to Canada. Despite this hectic schedule, she is finding enough time to break free into a desert to record her next music video. The underlying evidence suggests this is the backdrop for the music video for “Getaway Car.”

Getaway Car” is the 9th track on the sixth studio album ‘Reputation’ by Taylor Swift. The song roughly winds around the story of a relationship falling apart. The song itself starts with the lyric “nothing good starts in a getaway car.” She compares this relationship with the life of a crook. “The ties were black, the lies were white.”

Somebody involved with the creation of this music video managed to sneak out several pictures from the set. We see Taylor Swift in a blue dress with black boots holding purple smoke canisters in both hands. She seems to be in a deserted land scorched by the Sun.

Other photos reveal Taylor Swift in a black Jaguar vintage Coupe car, which is stationed on a giant cross marked in red paint on the same scorched land. Unsurprisingly enough, the lyrics of the song also say something about “X marks the spot, where we fell apart.” Could they be literally drawing this X spot in the music video?

The significant use of the vintage car makes us suggest that this would be the music video for “Getaway Car.”

Leaked Pictures from “Getaway Car” Video Shoot



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Further, these scenes unfold at the start of her live performances of “Getaway Car” on the ‘Reputation Tour.’ So she could be using footage from the music video in the tour itself. Watch the beginning of the video below.


UPDATE: 08/09/2018

Taylor Swift confirms “Getaway Car” is the next single from ‘Reputation’ album. She produced a voice cut tp Edge Radio. Listen to the clip below.

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