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Drake in Hot Water for Touching an Underage Girl on Stage

A video of Drake from one of his concerts from 2010 has surfaced online and the cringe is real in this one. In this 1 minute 34 second clip, we see the 6 God caressing a girl, touching her and kissing her neck on stage, admittedly before realizing her age. However, Drake proceeds to compliment her; “you thick” after realizing that she is 17-years-old.

This concert took place in Colorado in 2010, and the legal age of consent is 17 in the state. Hence, Drake should not be in any legal issues over this video.

This video surfaced after the documentary series ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ was produced by Lifetime TV. This series captured R. Kelly’s alleged claims on pedophilia, sex cults and mental and physical abuse towards his partners over a long period of time. R. Kelly recently addressed these rumours in a 19-minute verse titled “I Admit.”

The video of Drake contains a dialogue with the underage girl; whom he continues to call ‘seventeen’ after being shocked by her age revelation. Drake turns the girl’s back towards him, moves her top a bit to reveal her neck and kisses it passionately. Then he says; “I told you I like your hair, right? What is this? Herbal Essences? Smells fresh” starts Drake caressing the girl.

Drake next turns towards the crowd, who are cheering this drama unfolding on stage and says “Y’all are going to have me get carried away, I get in trouble for sh*t like this.” The crowd cheers intensifies.

Now only Drake thinks to ask her for her age; “How old are you?” The girl responds: “seventeen.” Drake loses it; “I can’t go to jail yet, man! Why do you look like that?!”

However, this does not stop Drake. He continues to flirt with her; “Well look, I had fun. I don’t know whether I should feel guilty or not, but I had fun. I like the way your breasts feel against my chest. I just want to thank you.”

A lot of social media outcry has been sparked because of this video, arguing for both ends. Most people see this as a disgusting result of how artists can influence teenagers to do what they wish. Another camp argues that if the girl had no issue with this whole situation, neither should you.

“No Matter If 17 is the legal age of consent in Denver. I’m pretty sure he didn’t know that based off the fact he said He wasn’t trying to get locked up because of her. Regardless I don’t give a fuck about the Law just because somethings “Legal” doesn’t mean it’s right. It’s simply just wrong for a 23 year old to be kissing, groping, and sexually objectifying a girl who Literally just told him she was 17.”

Mighel Akando/Facebook

“Okay people who refused to read or watch the video. Drake was 23 in this video. Legal consent is 17 in that state. I’m not saying it’s still not weird but it’s not illegal. If the girl has no issue with it then neither should you.”

Karisa Nikole/Facebook

Watch the creepy video below;

What is your take on this? Legal? Illegal? Moral? Immoral? Leave a comment below.

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